Tension Building Between Trump and Putin – Melania Tries to Intervene

As tensions builds between the world powers, the US slaps sanctions on Russia. Now the seemingly friendly relationship between Trump and Putin may break down.

Sanctions are one of the most powerful ways to dissuade a country from doing something we don’t like. It’s like taking someone’s lunch money away and starving them. And Putin likes his lunch. Trump and Putin may have a schoolyard brawl coming. And it seems that Melania is putting herself in the middle. Maybe she can sweet-talk the men and calm them down? 

We have our money on Melania. Or, at least accomplishing a truce between these two egotistical men (something Melania obviously has experience with), could keep us from nuclear war and garner her a Nobel Peace Prize. Let’s cross our fingers that she has the negotiating power to calm the bears!  

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