Trump makes fun of reporter, who made fun of Senator, who made fun of Trump

In a not-so-rare twist of events, we have yet another circle of presidential magnitude name-calling. Let’s walk you through this:

Monday night Rep. Loganstein ranted about Trump’s intellectual shortcomings following the USMCA Rose Garden announcements tweeting: “Trump doesn’t know his brain from his ass and if their was a map to help him, he wouldn’t know how to read it.”

Tuesday morning, Daily Noose reporter Natasha Noriega lashed out against Loganstein, pointing out his incorrect use of the word there/their. Her article exclaims, “If we can’t expect Representatives of the United States to use the correct “there” then how can we hold our President to the same standards?”

By Tuesday afternoon, Trump got wind of the controversy – undoubtably because he heard about it on Fox and Friends. So he took to Twitter one millionth time more to throw shade at Noriega. 

Trump: “I don’t need standards – I have a golden throne and it’s the greatest. It’s the best. And this Noreiga lady isn’t nice. She’s just the worst. 

So we now have to ask ourselves. Is the enemy of your enemy’s enemy your friend? Or have we circle jerked ourselves too many times that we have no clue how to tell our ass from our brain? 

These are the real questions of our time, ladies and gentlemen. And I’m dizzy.

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