What is this burning rash?

Lately it’s been creeping up. Like, at first you didn’t really even know anything was there. You know, you don’t see it, so you can ignore it. But then, slowly it becomes more obvious. Eventually it’s burning like no other and you can’t possibly hide your discomfort anymore. You are convinced there is a giant neon sign on your face that says, “I’m infected!”

So, what do you do?

Well, these types of problems don’t always need a doctor. Take a look in the mirror and let’s figure out if we’ve been part of the problem. The rash has been there for a while – shit, has it been there your whole adult life? It was easy at first to ignore. And so you let it be. But now it’s unbearable.

What did you think? It would just go away? Poof! Be gone!

Nope, this rash is must worse now. It’s been festering way too long. It’s been given fuel because you’ve been eating what you want, not showering often enough, ignoring the signs. I knew those flaming cheesy things were a bad idea.

Today is the day. The day you finally take action and stop the rash from spreading.

Call your Senator and tell them you will not allow the rash to spread any longer.

Call your Senators: 1-844-778-3056

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