Melania’s Secret Life

Where does she go? What does she do? These are questions that the American people want answered.

Melania Trump is one of the most mysterious First Ladies in decades, only surfacing to make special appearances or when she is absolutely needed by her husband’s side.

Back in May, the spokeswoman for the First Lady claimed she checked in to the hospital for a routine surgical procedure and was doing fine. After not seeing or hearing from Melania for 20 days, the public was quite curious and concerned that something nefarious had happened to her. Conspiracy theories popped up everywhere – did President Trump physically assault her and she was in hiding until she recovered? Did something go wrong with the procedure or is she actually unwell? Did Melania die and her death was being covered up? Did Melania kidnap Barron and flee to Mexico to escape her abusive husband and the peering eyes of a nation? Women’s rights groups began posting about her wellbeing and we all got scared. Theories swirled around the media and the minds of our citizens. Until finally, at the end of May, she resurfaced and seemed to be fine. 

However, with the Secret Service and the resources of the US Government at her disposal, was it really just Melania lying low while she recovered from a routine procedure? One that doctors and nurses claim wouldn’t have needed such an extended recovery time?

We did some digging and we’d like to present another theory. We’re working on gathering hard proof that these claims are fact but didn’t want to hold on to the information for too long as we’re getting a feeling that this could be a much bigger story. Our anonymous yet credible sources claim Melania actually left the country during this window of time. We have reports that say she was actually in Russia. A combination of photos, telephone recordings, and eye-witness accounts tell of this jet setting adventure. 

What business could First Lady Melania Trump have Russia? Who was actually lying in that hospital bed recovering? Who was tweeting for her? We all want to know. And we will find out.

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