FLOTUS Behaving Badly

President Donald Trump has a busy schedule. Between hurricanes, bombs, rallies, and tax bills he hardly has time to even golf these days. So what does Melania Trump do when The Donald is away? 

She throws parties of course. 

This past weekend, while Trump was rallying in Wisconsin, Melania invited 100 of her closest friends and threw a rager at Trump Tower in NYC. It was leaked that there were eight champagne fountains, mountains of gold-chocolate covered berries, spicy caviar tacos, and decadent truffle creampuffs.

Melania is reported to have danced the night away almost in an euphoric trance with just a few key dance partners. Some rumors said she hired sixteen professional dancers to keep the party hopping. We don’t have exact details yet but one was a caucasian man with broad shoulders, but who Melania towered over at a height of 5’2″. Who was this mysterious partner?

What we do know, Melania’s parties are #partygoals.

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