Melania in Africa

On her first solo trip abroad, Melania traveled throughout areas of Africa including Ghana, Malawi, Kenya, and Egypt. Her mission? Child well-being.

Though, it seems that the media only wanted to talk about her husband and her clothes… we cannot forget that this is an unfortunate reality for First Ladies. The public usually sees FLOTUS as a side kick, if not arm candy. She’s supposed to smile, wave, look pretty (while remaining conservative) and talk about something wholesome and mother-like. Like children. And that’s exactly what Melania is doing.

Melania’s busy five-day itinerary includes  schools, hospitals, and shelters. She promoted USAID, an agency behind donating books to school children. She also donated supplies and soccer balls directly to the children she visited. Because these communities with a teacher/student ratio of 1/111 need supplies and soccer balls. Don’t get us wrong, that’s important. But really what they need is funds for better infrastructure and more teachers. 

She will also have a few stops to rub elbows with government officials – something she seems to enjoy – like tea with Akufo-Addo. 

On her way back from Africa her plane did make an unscheduled and undocumented detour for about 60 hours. Where did Melania go? And what will her next solo trip entail? 

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