Melania’s ‘Be Best’

Melania Trump rolled out her ‘Be Best’ initiative earlier this year. This may be the best FLOTUS initiative ever to be introduced. Let’s run through some of the best ways to put her ‘Be Best’ concept into play. 

Be Best at Baseball

We all know that baseball is an all-American sport. With the World Series in play right now, it’s only natural for you to want to be best at baseball. Even if you don’t play the game, be the best fan. Grab a hotdog covered in mac n cheese, covered in Cheetos, and down three 24oz Bud Lights and embrace your best self. 

Be Best at a Rally

Wear your red MAGA hat, your “hug a Nazi” shirt, and scream “punch a reporter in the face” so that Trump can hear you over the booming crowds. If you get a Trump thumbs up, you’ve clearly been the best. 

Be Best in Bed

Imagine a bull, a lion, a tiger, a horse… Be that. Basically, be an animal. Take control, be wild, and make sure your heterosexual spouse thinks you are the best in bed. 

Be Best at Being Best

What is your personal ‘Be Best’? Melania wants you to reach down and find that special trait that you possess. Is it your cooking? Your loud boisterous voice at your kid’s soccer game? Is it your suitcases of money? Is it that you rule your country with an iron fist? Be you. Be Best. 

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