Gear Up, Boys, We’re Going to War

Grab your boots, your helmets, your guns and your ammo. We’re going to war. In our own backyard. 5,000 plus troops are heading out to the border of the US and Mexico. 

It’s like the dance-off between the Jets and the Sharks. Entitled Americans clashing with the incoming immigrants who just want to escape hardship and build a new life. The American dream. They’ll be met by the Jets – with guns, knives, and brass knuckles. Peering through that chainlink fence with a message. Don’t come here, you’re not welcome. Don’t mix with our people. Don’t dance with our ladies. Stay in your place. 

But chains, guns, and hate won’t stop them from coming. They’re running from fear already. What do they have to lose? A few good people for the hopes and dreams of their families?

If only a dance-off would suffice. But unfortunately we know how this story ends. 

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