Trump Wants to Eat Cake

Trump is testing his power. 

We’ve seen it time and time again. Muslim travel ban. Shutting down daily press conferences. Putting migrant children and families in cages. Calling the media “the enemy of the people.” Protecting the GOP’s lapdog Kavanaugh. Sending the military to the border to protect America from a caravan 1000 miles away. And today, he says he’s going to change the 14th Amendment via executive order to take away birthrights to those who are born on US soil to parents he deems are here illegally.

Trump is ranking up there with other leaders he so admires: Putin and Kim Jong Un… And each day we’re seeing more leaders like them, pulling up to the table, drooling with a fork over this massive power cake. Brazil’s newly elected leader is next. Jair Bolsonaro could be Trump’s long lost cousin. 

All I know is that this cake must be tasty. Compliments to the baker?

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