Smoke and Mirrors

These days it’s hard to tell what is real and what is fake. It almost doesn’t matter anymore what is fake actually. It’s the why that matters.

Why was President Trump missing in action in Paris while other world leaders were attending a cemetery? 

Why was President Trump late to the meeting of world leaders later that night?

Why was President Trump angry tweeting about the California wildfires?

It’s all a giant game of smoke and mirrors. Or should we say – smoke and rain?

These forces of nature are hiding what is really getting under Trump’s skin. And we think we’re getting closer to understanding what that is. The only time Donny had a smile on his face was when he saw Putin. Was that a “I’m happy to see you.” face or was that the look of a dog who’s being served a giant piece of juicy raw meat? We’re not exactly sure. But what we do know is that was the only time in the last few weeks that we’ve seen a disturbingly drastic change in his mood. Melania also seemed really happy to see Putin. 

More is bound to come – we’re sure of it.

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