Smoke and Mirrors
These forces of nature are hiding what is really getting under Trump's skin. And we think we're getting closer...
Gear Up, Boys, We’re Going to War
Grab your boots, your helmets, your guns and your ammo. We're going to war...
Trump: But Not Me!
Trump wants to make sure that babies born to non-citizen parents on US soil don't get automatic citizenship...
Trump Wants to Eat Cake
Trump is testing his power...
FLOTUS Behaving Badly
This past weekend, while Trump was rallying in Wisconsin, Melania invited 100 of her closest friends and threw a rager at Trump Tower in NYC.
Melania’s ‘Be Best’
Melania Trump rolled out her 'Be Best' initiative earlier this year. This may be the best FLOTUS platform ever to be introduced. Let's run through some of the best way to put her 'Be Best' concept into play.
Melania in Africa
Though, it seems that the media only wanted to talk about her husband and her clothes... we cannot forget that this is an unfortunate reality for First Ladies. The public usually sees FLOTUS as a side kick, if not arm candy.
Melania’s Secret Life
Melania Trump is one of the most mysterious First Ladies in decades, only surfacing to make special appearances or when she is absolutely needed by her husband's side...
Space Force: The largest step for the United States – ever
Trump declared Thursday that Space Force will be "the largest step for the United States ever." A statement confusing all those...
Trump makes fun of reporter, who made fun of Senator, who made fun of Trump
Monday night Rep. Loganstein ranted about Trump's intellectual shortcomings following the USMCA Rose Garden announcements...
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